Dt. Saurabh Kaushik

(Founder of Aura The Diet Clinic)

(Certified in Clinical Nutrition)
(Diabetes Educator)
(Psychological Counselor)
(PCOs Nutrition Specialist)
(Certified in Sports & Exercise Nutrition)
(Certified Yoga Instructor)
(Certification in Hormonal Imbalance)
(Certification in Food Myths)


Do you know Saurabh Kaushik used to Weight more than 106 kgs? Once after getting the knowledge of the right dietary choices and right nutrition he decided to transform himself first. Prior he was diagnosed with high cholesterol and was a patient of high blood pressure which he cured by using nutrition as an effective tool. After realizing the power and positive utility outcomes he decided to bring changes to other’s life and to reach out to people who really need it.

Till date, he has transformed more than 1500+ clients and is still counting.



Have a healthy lifestyle is now easy with us.

Aura The Diet Clinic believes in providing guidance for best human health by contributing the fundamental knowledge of nutrients in food components, delivering a suitable diet plan to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities. Our mission is to see the people more healthy in their day-to-day life.

We are providing customized workout plans, diet plans and proper guidance for the nutrients, weight gains, weight loss and being fit without affecting your daily routine & without providing any powder. All programmes provide comprehensive workout plans, diets & customer support. We advise you to select the package that is best suited to your lifestyle and is something you can commit to for the best results.

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Our Services

What makes us unique is our highly customizable nutrition and training program based on your goals and lifestyle. We monitor and review your eating habits and lifestyle on a daily basis which helps us create the best possible program and strategy for you.


Customised Lifestyle Plan

We prepare a customized lifestyle plan based on your current lifestyle, likes and dislikes


Daily Follow-ups

We daily motivate you to stay strong on your diet plan and track your daily progress. 


Customized Workout Plan

We give you the best workout plan, especially for your gym & home. 


Supplement Guidance

We suggest you the best supplements to maintain the essential nutrients in your food.


24X7 Online Support

We provide you the 24X7 online support to motivate you and guide you for your healthy lifestyle goal. 


Pause The Plan

In case of any emergency and travel, you can pause your plan for a while & resume* it later. 







Our Pricing & Plans

We have carefully devised comprehensive plans to help you on your journey to exceptional health & well being. All programmes provided complete workout plans, diets & customer support. We advise you to select the package that is best suited to your lifestyle and is something you can commit to for the best results.

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Our Testimonials


It was the great experience with Saurabh Sir, the way he encourage and motivate people to think for own health out of the busy schedule of daily routine due to which we are not able to give time to our health and fitness. Diet plan planned by the sir in such a way that it can easily fulfill the daily requirements of nutrition and proteins. Also much helpful in losing or gaining the weight.

Harsh Jain


I am very pleased with the  methodology of Aura the Diet Clinic. There is constant hand holding. They ask  for pictures of the meals you have while on the diet and give you encouragement and advice. They send motivational messages and images. Thanks to Aura , I managed to loose some very stubborn weight!

Sangeeta Varma


The absolute best nutritionist. Saurabh Kaushik makes you lose weight easily with keeping in view the food of your choice. The best thing about Aura - The Diet Clinic is their strong follow ups every day. I have personally experienced and  I would highly recommend his services without hesitation!

Niraj Shial


So it’s been 1 month with him and I lost weight from 87 to 82 ..natural food eating and exercise that’s all he takes care of and no extra fancy food or supplements or anything! And on top of that he is really a good motivator ..I always needed a person like him for getting me in shape and thanks I got him as my coach..thankyou and will always b there with you to reach my goal.

Ishita Sengupta


I never thought a good diet plan and proper guidance can bring such a huge positive change in my life. I approached Saurabh to just to get a healthy diet plan but I got a lot in return. I realised it isn't just about a toned body but beyond that. This diet plan made me more energetic, calm and composed. Thanks Aura & Dr Saurabh for personalized guidance and bringing such huge positive changes.

Darsheel Prajapati


Saurabh Kaushik is one of the best nutritionist I have ever come across. He has complete knowledge of all the nutrition and how to use them to create best physique of his clients. He has always helped me with all my questions. I would highly recommend Saurabh.

Nishant Pandey


I have personally witnessed the hardwork, self discipline and dedication of Nutritionist Saurabh Kaushik. Not only does he excel at the betterment of his clients, but also makes sure that an individual stays focused and motivated.

Best in the field and an extremely friendly person. I would strongly recommend Aura - The Diet Clinic ????

Prerna Jani


My mother and I started our weight loss journney with saurabh kaushik, an expert nutritionist when it comes to difficult weight loss issues. He guided and mentored us constantly throughout our journey to procure our goal of weight loss. In the time of pandemic his weightloss program has not only helped us loose weight but has drastically changed our lifestyle and habits in a positive way. My mother was able to overcome many stubborn health issues  through surabhji's regular guidence  and for that we cant thank him enough. Aura- the diet clinic has proven to be a one best place for transitioning to healthy lifestyle for us and many of our friends and family.

Shukla Avani

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Aura The Diet Clinic is always ready to offer the perfect nutrition as per your need and helps you to get your desire body without affecting your lifestle. To know more how, stay connected with us.

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Aura - The Diet Clinic

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Rajpath Club Road, Bodakdev,Ahmedabad - 380054

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